Mystery Star

Mystery Star

Slot machine test: Mystery star

It is mysterious, what will be not so bad for you, because maybe the one or the other treasure hides, which you can retrieve. In mystery star ™ is less a gold it but, at least as regards the symbols, and for more about fruits. Because mystery star ™ is a fruit slot, which not only looks, but it can be just to play. This also means that mystery star was blessed not just with bonus features, what is but no problem. The advantage of this is that all icons that gains can bring up, which is not the case with many other slots? The online slot machine from the Naidoo home can also in the Star Games Casino be played. In any case, you need a login, can use but also the free Star mode. Of course then without real chances of winning. With proper usage can be but also in mystery ™ one or the other winning Starling. Not a jackpot while there, for this very valuable icons that can also be so good for the account. The slot is liquid, looks great and shines with his solid and calm manner. There you should try a round of quiet times.

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Mystery Star ™ online play

Even if it is suspected the title, the slot mystery is really mysterious star ™ does not. At least no big surprises await you. Thats rather well, and for that because you want Yes less piñata a few decent profits. The big jackpots waiting in mystery star ™ not on you, but regular profits, which can have it also. So that moveth but anything on your credit account, you have to spin winning lines. Such a number always consists of the same symbol and starts left. The longest series can consisting of five symbols consist, on a roll one of them.

In mystery star you have to spin same symbols in a row. You have however no possibility to influence the roll. As are also the five paylines, stretching across the five reels. But you have the ability to change your usage. So you take direct impact on your potential profits. It is actually a simple calculation, as with the rise of the usage rises the height of possible winnings. However of course your balances can settle thus initially faster, which is why you need to develop a good sense.

The slot game symbols in the mystery Star online slot

The slot can not surprise you if you've ever played the one or the other slot machines online. This is of course well known symbols, which are virtually always at home in fruit slots. The cherries and lemons make the start. Both icons are not just the big winner, but at least has mystery star ™ the advantage that even a triple series of these two motifs plays back at least the usage. This is also the advantage of most fruit slots that compensate for such as the lack of bonus features. In addition there are also the water melon, Plum, Orange, the Bell and the seven. The latter brings the maximum gains.

Slot machines instructions by mystery star ™

The slot plays himself as alone. Just start it and rotate the rollers. There is also a startup. If it is enabled, the rounds begin always alone. To do this you set before use, you want to play. But at any time, you can end the auto-start mode. And a bonus feature has mystery Star ™ then you have to offer. After winning, you can take the risk of cards claim namely. Thus, you optionally sets your entire profit of rounds of and can double this or but also lose. It is recommended primarily for smaller winnings, you still want to improve.

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